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{April 19, 2009}   Spring Break!!!

So Spring break started last week, and for the next month I’m freeeeeeeee! My family is taking a vacation to Hawaii and we are staying in The Kahala Hotel Resort. Right on the beach. I am so excited. I’m glad we are going. I need a tan so badly. Luckily there is internet at the hotel so I will be able to keep in touch.
I have a few things to cover today:
~Some people are asking why I am keeping this blog. I am doing this because I know that a lot of you practically worship my cousin and my voice should me heard also. Not that I’m jealous. Please.
~I am accepting emails from anyone. My email adress is polly_block@yahoo.com I will answer any of your questions on Fashion, Beauty, Friends, Boys and everything else.

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{April 16, 2009}   Like Heyy

What’s up? I’m sure your all wondering who I am. Well I’m Polly Block, Massie Block’s cousin. I blog about my cousin, about NYC and pretty much everything else. I also am very into fahion so I’ll blog about that. I’m new at blogging so stay with me. I’m still working our the kinks.


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